The Armstrong Cooper Football Club logo and the colors are key elements for establishing and maintaining the identity of ACFC.

It needs to be used appropriately and consistently across all printed materials, website usage, and apparel.

It is vital the logo retains its intended shape, form and color. Therefore, it is imperative that no one attempts to modify or recreate the logo under any circumstances,

Colors are Armstrong Red, Cooper Orange, and Robbinsdale District Blue. Colors must match the colors below. Various shades of red or blue other than the official colors are NOT allowed.

The following logo formats should be used whenever creating original printed or apparel pieces.

EPS and PDF are vector formats and preferred use for custom apparel.

PNG and JPEG are ideal for literature.

Official Colors

Armstrong Red

  • PMS 185c

  • HEX #eb1c2c

  • HSL(355,84%,52%)

  • RGB(235,28,44)

Cooper Orange

  • PMS 7412c

  • HEX #d58232

  • HSL29,66%,52%)

  • rgb(213,130,50)

Robbinsdale District Blue

  • PMS 534c

  • HEX #18345e

  • HSL(216,59%,23%)

  • RGB(24,52,94)